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Download AMROC Release 1.1

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Most parts of the AMROC framework are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
For details see README-files in sub-directories.


Uncompress the tar.gz archive with gunzip and extract the files with

tar -xvf amroc-1.1.tar

Previous Release 1.0

Support for older compilers and user-specified STL that has been dropped to achieve full ANSI compliance in release 1.1. See file INSTALLATION for details.

CVS Repository

The entire AMROC framework (including various HDF- and Visual3-libraries) is also available via anonymous CVS from If you want to participate in minor updates immediately, you should get the AMROC sources directly from AMROC's CVS repository.


cvs -z9 checkout AMROC

in the directory, where the root directory AMROC should be created. After the initial checkout, amroc.config is readily configured for ARCH=linux with MPISWITCH=off. The usage of CVS is decribed in detail on AMROC's CVS page on See especially "Basic Introduction to CVS and Project CVS Services".

If you are in the root directory AMROC or in a subdirectory, you can use

cvs -z9 -q update

to update your local sources,

cvs -z9 -q -n update

to list all locally modified files and

cvs -z9 -q diff -c

to create an input file for the patch utility containing your local modifications.

You can use

cvs -z9 -q update -r AMROC_1_1

to revert your repository back to AMROC version 1.1 and

cvs -z9 -q update -r HEAD

to switch it back again from version 1.1 to the latest file releases.

If you want to have your patch included into AMROC, submit the patch file via E-Mail or use AMROC's patch browser under Select "Submit New", choose an appropriate category, upload your patch file and specify from which release it is built. Your patch will be reviewed as soon as possible.

A message like cvs [update aborted]: recv() from server EOF indicates high traffic via the account anonymous on Just repeat your CVS operation in a few seconds again.


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