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AMRDQFlagging Class Template Reference

Generic class for flagging by derived quantities. More...

#include <AMRDQFlagging.h>

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Public Methods

 AMRDQFlagging (solver_type &solver, const int quan)
 ~AMRDQFlagging ()
virtual void register_at (ControlDevice &Ctrl)
virtual void register_at (ControlDevice &Ctrl, const string &prefix)
virtual void update ()
virtual void SetFlags (const int Time, const int Level, double t, double dt)
virtual int NFlags () const

Protected Methods

void FlagCellsDQByDifference (const int Time, const int Level, double dt)
void FlagCellsDQByError (const int Time, const int Level, double dt)
const int & NQuantities () const
const int & DQBaseFlag () const
void SetDQBaseFlag (const int bf)

Protected Attributes

DataType * DQTolerance
DataType * DQToleranceSp
int _Quantities
int _DQBaseFlag
int _DQNFlags

Detailed Description

template<class VectorType, class FixupType, class FlagType>
class AMRDQFlagging< VectorType, FixupType, FlagType >

Generic class for flagging by derived quantities.

Derived quantities are computed in f_dq_flag from the actual vector of state. As flagging-criteria scaled gradients and error estimation by Richardson extrapolation are available.

See also:
Ralf Deiterding

Definition at line 27 of file AMRDQFlagging.h.

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