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AMROC - File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
AMRDQFlagging.h [code]Generic class for flagging by derived quantities
AMRDQFlaggingRel.h [code]Generic class for flagging by discontinuities and relative errors of derived quantities
AMRFixup.h [code]Generic class for flux-correction at hanging nodes
AMRFixupInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for AMRFixup
AMRFlagging1.h [code]
AMRFlagging2.h [code]
AMRFlagging3.h [code]
Computes the scaled gradient and absolute errors on GridData < VectorType >
AMRFlaggingBase.h [code]Generic base-class for flagging using asolute criteria
AMRFlaggingBaseInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for flagging
AMRFlaggingRel1.h [code]
AMRFlaggingRel2.h [code]
AMRFlaggingRel3.h [code]
Recognizes discontinuities and computes relative errors on GridData< VectorType >
AMRFlaggingRelBase.h [code]Generic base-class for flagging with relative criteria
AMRFlaggingRelBaseInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for AMRFlaggingRelBase
AMRPreAdaptSolver.h [code]An adaptive solver with a predefined adaption (especially for development)
AMRSolver.h [code]Generic implementation of the Berger-Oliger method
AMRSolverControl.h [code]SolverControl specialized for Euler equations
AMRSolverInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for AMRSolver
AMRVarSolverControl.h [code]A Variable SolverControl for arbitrary equations
BoundaryConditions.h [code]Generic base-class for boundary-conditions
BoundaryConditionsInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for BoundaryConditions
CompConf.h [code]Configuration file for the C++ compiler
ExactSolution.h [code]Generic base-class to compare the numerical solution with an exact one
ExactSolutionInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for ExactSolution
Fixup1.h [code]
Fixup2.h [code]
Fixup3.h [code]
Dimensional spezialization of GridData-operations for implementation of conservative correction
FixupBase.h [code]Generic base-class for the conservative correction
FixupBaseInterface.h [code]Generic inteface-class for FixupBase
Flagging.h [code]Generic base-class for flagging
FlaggingInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for Flagging
GridDataFunction.h [code]Generic object for functions on GridData< VectorType >
GridDataFunctionInterface.h [code]Generic interface-object for GridDataFunction
InitialCondition.h [code]Generic base-class for initial conditions
InitialConditionInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for InitialCondition
Integrator.h [code]Generic base-class for application of the numerical method
IntegratorInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for Integrator
ODEIntegrator.h [code]Generic object for an ODE-solver in C++ for source term integration
ODEIntegratorInterface.h [code]Generic interface-object for ODEIntegrator
Solver.h [code]Generic base-class for an adaptive method
SolverControl.h [code]Implementation of the controls a generic adaptive solver
SolverControlInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for SolverControl
SolverInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for Solver
stl_CompConf.h [code]Configuration file for using the STL
streams_CompConf.h [code]Configuration file for using streams
string_CompConf.h [code]Configuration file for using the string class
Timing.CStatic members for Timing
Timing.h [code]Static members store time-values used in benchmarks
TSSrcIntegrator.h [code]Generic base-class for the application of a source term within a fractional-step method
TSSrcIntegratorInterface.h [code]Generic interface-class for TSSrcIntegrator
Vector.h [code]Include definitions from a 0D-vector up to a 30D-vector
Vector1.h [code]
Vector2.h [code]
Vector3.h [code]
Vector4.h [code]
Vector5.h [code]
Vector6.h [code]
Vector7.h [code]
Vector8.h [code]
Vector9.h [code]
Vector10.h [code]
Vector11.h [code]
Vector12.h [code]
Vector13.h [code]
Vector14.h [code]
Vector15.h [code]
Vector16.h [code]
Vector17.h [code]
Vector18.h [code]
Vector19.h [code]
Vector20.h [code]
Vector21.h [code]
Vector22.h [code]
Vector23.h [code]
Vector24.h [code]
Vector25.h [code]
Vector26.h [code]
Vector27.h [code]
Vector28.h [code]
Vector29.h [code]
Vector30.h [code]
Vector0.h [code]
Vector implementation

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