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BBoxList Class Reference

Class BBoxList implements a linked list of BBox. More...

#include <BBoxList.h>

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Public Methods

 BBoxList ()
 BBoxList (unsigned const maxnum, const int dumarg)
 BBoxList (void const *package, unsigned const size, const int n)
 BBoxList (BBoxList const &other)
BBoxList & operator= (const BBoxList &)
 ~BBoxList (void)
int number () const
int isempty () const
void empty (void)
int difference (BBoxList &bbl, const BBox &lhs, const BBox &rhs)
int intersection (BBoxList &bbl, const BBox &lhs, const BBox &rhs)
void operator-= (const BBoxList &rhs)
void operator-= (const BBox &rhs)
void operator *= (const BBoxList &rhs)
void operator *= (const BBox &rhs)
void mergeboxes (const short *olap)
void combine (const BBoxList &rhs)
BBox reduce ()
BBoxadd ()
BBoxadd (BBox const &bb)
BBoxinsert (BBox const &bb)
void remove (void)
void split (BBoxList &bbl)


class BBox
ostream & operator<< (ostream &s, const BBoxList &bbl)
ofstream & operator<< (ofstream &s, const BBoxList &bbl)
ifstream & operator>> (ifstream &s, BBoxList &bbl)
strstream & operator<< (strstream &s, const BBoxList &bbl)
strstream & operator>> (strstream &s, BBoxList &bbl)

Detailed Description

Class BBoxList implements a linked list of BBox.

Routines for to manipulate this list are provided.

Manish Parashar

Definition at line 37 of file BBoxList.h.

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