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ClpIntegrator Class Template Reference

Interface to Clawpack integration routines. More...

#include <ClpIntegrator1.h / ClpIntegrator2.h / ClpIntegrator3.h>

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Public Methods

 ClpIntegrator (const int equ, const int wv, const int gh)
virtual void ComputeRP (ld_vec_grid_data_type &LeftState, ld_aux_grid_data_type &auxl, ld_vec_grid_data_type &RightState, ld_aux_grid_data_type &auxr, ld_vec_grid_data_type &NewState, const int &direction)
virtual double ComputeGrid (vec_grid_data_type &StateVec, vec_grid_data_type *Flux[], DataType *aux, double dt, DCoords &dx)

Detailed Description

template<class VectorType, class AuxVectorType>
class ClpIntegrator< VectorType, AuxVectorType >

Interface to Clawpack integration routines.

The class calls the dimension-dependent function f_step to update the solution on a single grid. f_normalflux is used to calculate the fluxes of Riemann problems.

See also:
ClpFunctions1.h, ClpFunctions2.h, ClpFunctions3.h
Ralf Deiterding

Definition at line 29 of file ClpIntegrator1.h / ClpIntegrator2.h / ClpIntegrator3.h.

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