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GridHierarchyCalls.h File Reference

Define important GridHierarchy-methods as global functions. More...

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void SetBaseGrid (GridHierarchy &GH, double const *bbox, int const *shape, const int &ncuts, const int *cuts)
void SetTimeSpecs (GridHierarchy &GH, double const starttime, double const stoptime, int const numtsteps)
void SetBoundaryType (GridHierarchy &GH, int const type)
void SetAdaptBoundaryType (GridHierarchy &GH, int const type)
void SetBoundaryWidth (GridHierarchy &GH, int const width)
void SetPeriodicBoundaries (GridHierarchy &GH, int const dir, int const value)
void SetExternalGhostWidth (GridHierarchy &GH, int const width)
void SetRefineFactor (GridHierarchy &GH, int const rfactor)
void SetRefineFactor (GridHierarchy &GH, int const lev, int const rfactor)
void SetDistributionType (GridHierarchy &GH, int const type)
void SetDistributionType (GridHierarchy &GH, int const type, BBoxList &bbl)
void SetWorkFunction (GridHierarchy &GH, void *wf)
void ComposeHierarchy (GridHierarchy &GH)
void ComposeGridFunctions (GridHierarchy &GH)
int GridFunctionTemplate (GridHierarchy &GH, GridFunctionVoid &GFV)
void SetCurrentTime (GridHierarchy &GH, int const ctime, int const lev)
int CurrentTime (GridHierarchy &GH, int const lev)
void IncrCurrentTime (GridHierarchy &GH, int const lev)
int StepSize (GridHierarchy &GH, int const lev)
int TimeStep (GridHierarchy &GH, int const lev)
int AbsStepsTaken (GridHierarchy &GH, int const lev)
int StepsTaken (GridHierarchy &GH, int const lev)
int RefineFactor (GridHierarchy &GH, int const lev)
int RefinedBy (GridHierarchy &GH, int const lev)
int TotalLevels (GridHierarchy &GH)
int MaxLevel (GridHierarchy &GH)
int CoarseLevel (GridHierarchy &GH)
int FineLevel (GridHierarchy &GH)
double DeltaT (GridHierarchy &GH, int const level)
double DeltaX (GridHierarchy &GH, int const dim, int const level)
const int & GuCFactor (GridHierarchy &GH)
void SetGuCFactor (GridHierarchy &GH, const int &cfac)
int UpdatedValueAt (GridHierarchy &GH)
void SetUpdatedValueStep (GridHierarchy &GH, const int ustep)
void Refine (GridHierarchy &GH, int const lev)
void Refine (GridHierarchy &GH, BBoxList &bblist, int const lev)
void RecomposeHierarchy (GridHierarchy &GH)
void RecomposeHierarchy (GridHierarchy &GH, int Partition)
void RedistributeHierarchy (GridHierarchy &GH, const int type)
void RedistributeHierarchy (GridHierarchy &GH, const int type, BBoxList &bbl)
void Checkpoint (GridHierarchy &GH, const char *name)
void ComposeHierarchy (GridHierarchy &GH, const char *name)
void RecomposeHierarchy (GridHierarchy &GH, const char *name)
void Sync (GridHierarchy &GH, int const t, int const l)
void Sync (GridHierarchy &GH, int const t, int const l, int const axis, int const dir)
void DAGHIOType (GridHierarchy &GH, int const type)
void DAGHIOEnd (GridHierarchy &GH)

Detailed Description

Define important GridHierarchy-methods as global functions.

Manish Parashar, Ralf Deiterding

Definition in file GridHierarchyCalls.h.

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