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AMRSolver Class Template Reference

Generic implementation of the Berger-Oliger method. More...

#include <AMRSolver.h>

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Public Methods

 AMRSolver (integrator_type &integ, initial_condition_type &init, boundary_conditions_type &bc)
 ~AMRSolver ()
virtual void register_at (ControlDevice &Ctrl, const string &prefix)
virtual void register_at (ControlDevice &Ctrl)
virtual void SetupData ()
virtual void Initialize (const double dt_start)
virtual void Restart (const char *CheckpointFile)
virtual double Tick (int VariableTimeStepping, const double dtv[], const double cflv[], int &Rejections, int &RedistributeEvery)
virtual double IntegrateLevel (vec_grid_fct_type &u, const int Time, const int Level, double t, double dt, bool DoFixup, double tc, const int which)

Protected Methods

void RegridLevel (const int Time, const int BaseLevel, BBoxList &bblist, bool TakeListOnFinestLevel)
virtual void AdvanceLevel (const int Level, int RegridEvery, bool RegridDone, bool ShadowAllowed, bool DoFixup, bool RecomposeBaseLev, bool RecomposeHighLev)
void CheckLevel (vec_grid_fct_type &u, const int time, const int level, const char *text)
BBox BoundaryBBox (const BBox &whole, const int s)

Protected Attributes

int FixupPar
int RegridEvery
double MinEfficiency
int BlockWidth
int OverlapWidth
int BufferWidth
int NestingBuffer
int PlotFlags
double * t
double * dt
double * cfl_new

Detailed Description

template<class VectorType, class FixupType, class FlagType>
class AMRSolver< VectorType, FixupType, FlagType >

Generic implementation of the Berger-Oliger method.

Ralf Deiterding

Definition at line 42 of file AMRSolver.h.

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