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GridDataBlock Class Template Reference

A single grid with data used within a GridFunction. More...

#include <GridDataBlock1.h / GridDataBlock2.h / GridDataBlock3.h>

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Public Methods

int has_parents () const
const int & parents () const
const GDB_Interactionparentlist () const
GDB_Interactionparentlist ()
const BBoxparentbox (const int &j)
const int & parentidx (const int &j)
int has_children () const
const int & children () const
const GDB_Interactionchildlist () const
GDB_Interactionchildlist ()
const BBoxchildbox (const int &j)
const int & childidx (const int &j)
GDB_Interaction ** gdbReadInfo (const int proc)
GDB_Interaction ** gdbWriteInfo (const int proc)
const BBoxboundingbox () const
const BBoxinteriorbox () const
const BBoxdatabox () const
int has_externalboundaries () const
int has_externalboundary (const int dir) const
const int & externalboundaries (const int dir) const
int externalboundaries (const int dir)
const BBoxListexternalbndrylist (const int dir) const
BBoxListexternalbndrylist (const int dir)
int has_adaptiveboundaries () const
int has_adaptiveboundary (const int dir) const
const BBoxadaptivebndrybox (const int dir) const
void gdbPrintData (ostream &os) const
int MemoryUsage ()
GridData< Type > & griddata ()
const GridData< Type > & griddata () const

Public Attributes

short timenum
 timenum - 0 to 2*time_stencil.

short levelnum


class GridFunction< Type >

Detailed Description

template<class Type>
class GridDataBlock< Type >

A single grid with data used within a GridFunction.

This class creates storage and interaction information for a grid block at a particular level. A GridDataBlock knows its neighbours, parents of the coarser levels and its children on the finer level.

Ralf Deiterding, Manish Parashar

Definition at line 26 of file GridDataBlock1.h / GridDataBlock2.h / GridDataBlock3.h.

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